All of the people who supported and contributed to the Humanities 101 Community Programme during the 2018-19 academic year are profoundly appreciated! Hum is grateful to gather on the traditional, ancestral, unceded territory of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) people, also known as the Point Grey campus of UBC.

Members of the Humanities 101 Community Programme Steering Committee:
The Steering Committee guides all aspects of the Programme. Everyone who has taken a Humanities 101 course since it started in 1998, for whom we have a current email address, is invited to each Steering Committee meeting, held twice a term in the Downtown Eastside and Downtown South. As well, alumni receive regular invitations to all Hum Public Programmes—please come!

Humanities 101 Mentor:
Isaac White is this year’s returning alumni who helps welcome the new participants and gives classroom support.

University of British Columbia:
Dean of Arts Gage Averill, Associate Deans Mary Lynn Young, Stefania Burke and Kathryn Harrison; Dean of Arts Staff Margaret Tom-Wing, Laura Hart, Ginger Dhamrait, Brian Lee, Fiona Wong, Ikuko Takahashi and Beth Howarth; Laura Milligan and Victoria Auston (Arts Development); KathyLea & Lenkyn Ostapovich (Arts Communications); Taher Hashemi, Mark Peskett, Gary Andraza and Ricardo Serrano (Arts Instructional Support and Information Technology); Tessie Sy (AMS Food Services); Alia Abu-Sharife (Bookstore); Ben Jan (Recreation); Ricky Sung (Carding Office); Arts Undergraduate Society; Alma Mater Society; Emmet Russell (Campus Security). Martha Liu (Science 101). Daniel Heath Justice and Mark Turin (Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies); Tanya Bob, Candice Yu and Alexandra Tsardidas (First Nations and Indigenous Studies Program); Kaeleigh Hiebert (First Nations and Endangered Languages); Linc Kesler, Deb Martel, Ryanne James, (First Nations House of Learning). UBC Call Centre; Frederick Wood Theatre; Gwilyn Timmers and the Grad night volunteers at MOA (Museum of Anthropology).

Downtown Eastside, Downtown South and Vancouver Communities:
Carnegie Centre (Margaret Massingale, Lisa Lilge, Rika Uto); PaulR Taylor (Carnegie Newsletter); Carnegie Kitchen staff; VPL Carnegie Branch; Skip Everall (Carnegie Security); Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre; Sheway/Crabtree Corner Family Resource Centre; Downtown Eastside Literacy Roundtable (members are from literacy programmes held in the DTES by teachers from Capilano University, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Community College, UBC Learning Exchange, Union Gospel Mission, Vancouver School Board at the Downtown Eastside Education Centre and more); The Gathering Place (Rennie Keates, Jo-Ann Stevens); Dr. Peter Centre; Vancouver Recovery Club; Vancouver Public Library (Helen Lightfoot); Vancouver Art Gallery; Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art (Meredith Areskoug); The Orpheum Theatre (Arthur Allen, tour guide).

Humanities 101/201 Volunteer Teachers:
Daniel Heath Justice (First Nations Studies and Indigenous Studies); Beau Dick (Art History and Visual Art); Sue Rowley (MOA); Jorge Emilio Rosés Labrada (First Nations and Endangered Languages Program); Sylvia Berryman (Philosophy); Ana Harland (Philosophy); Margot Leigh Butler (Hum); Wil Steele (Hum); Paul Woodhouse (Hum); Arthur Allen (Architect); Ryanne James (First Nations House of Learning); Sadira Rodrigues (Emily Carr University); Ted Byrne (Poet and Essayist, Kootenay School of Writing); Tom Kemple (Sociology); Christina Hendricks (Philosophy); Gage Averill (Music); D’Arcy Davis-Case (Forestry); Florian Gassner (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies); Lee Maracle (Aboriginal Studies, University of Toronto); Sarah Dupont (UBC Aboriginal Engagement Librarian); Mark Turin (First Nations and Endangered Languages Program); M. Simon Levin (Visual Art + Material Practice, Emily Carr University); Caer Weber (Mood Disorders Association of BC); Jessa Alston-O’Connor (Vancouver Art Gallery); Michael Zeitlin (English); Margot Young (Law); Maureen Phillips (Hum); David Gaertner (First Nations and Indigenous Studies); Carol Sawyer (Vocalist and Artist).

Writing Volunteer Teachers:
Maureen Phillips (Hum); Wil Steele (Hum); Ted Byrne (Poet and Essayist, Kootenay School of Writing); Carol Sawyer (Vocalist & Artist); Mandy Catron (English); Stephen Hahn (UBC Continuing Studies); Jane Hamilton Silcott (UBC Writing Centre); Peter Babiak (Langara College, and former long-time Academic Director of Hum); Marlene Schiwy (UBC Writing Centre); Margot Leigh Butler (Hum); Alison Rajah (Curator, Surrey Art Gallery and former long-time Hum staff); Stephanie Maricevic (UBC Continuing Studies); Reg Johanson (English, Capilano University).

Volunteer facilitators and tutors:
Mathew Arthur; Reuben Jentink; Ophelia Kehila; Christine Xiong; Zoe O neil; Chimie Ohaegbu and Rodney Little Mustache.

Public Programmes and Events Volunteers:
Hum Alumna Shahla Masoumnejad “A Taste of the Middle East” held at The Gathering Place; Hum101 alumni Terence Lui “Documentaries for Thinkers”, Carnegie Centre Saturday Night Documentaries; Maureen Phillips and Mandy Catron “Wednesday Women’s Writing Workshop”, The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre; Gilles Cyrene “Grammar with Hum”; Reuben Jentink “Elevenses: Eating and Reading Tolkien”, Vancouver Public Library Strathcona Branch.

Faculty and Staff:
Dr. Margot Leigh Butler (Academic Director), Paul Woodhouse (Programme Coordinator), Maureen Phillips (Writing Coordinator), Emma Ettinger, Talia Papa and Julia Burnham (Work Learn Assistants).

Special Thanks:
Gerald Ma, Nancy Gallini, alumna Antonietta and Maria Gesualdi, Kelsey and Jody Croft; KathyLea (yearbook graphic designer); Becky Cory (University 101, University of Victoria), Mary Lu Roffey-Redden (Halifax Humanities 101), Patrick Byrne (Discovery Program, McMaster’s University, Hamilton), Ann Elliot (Discovery University, Ottawa Mission, Ottawa), Christina van Barneveld (Humanities 101, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay), Linda Rodenburg (Humanities 101, Orillia, Ontario), Lisa Prins (Humanities 101, University of Alberta), Sabrina Buzzalino (Humanities 101, St. Mary’s University, Calgary) – the cross-Canada Coordinators/ Directors of Hum’s sister programmes; Mary Lynn Young, Pat Shaw, Tom Kemple, Daniel Heath Justice (Hum’s Faculty Advisory Committee); Mark Turin; Lee Maracle, Sarah Hunt and David Gaertner; Barbara and Frank Butler, Jody Butler Walker, Zoe Walker and the Butler/ Walker/Ouziel/Downward families, Matisse Butler, D’Arcy Davis-Case, John Down, Joe Guiliano, Laura Reid, Caer Weber, Lisa Cay Miller; Sheila Giffen, Sandra Dixon and Terry Woodhouse.