Public Programmes

These enrolment-free groups are open to the general public and are a great way for people to get involved in Hum. For Hum alumni, these groups provide a platform to continue on with their shared intellectual and creative practices. They typically begin with ideas generated by participants of the Hum Programme and continue to be shaped largely by those who attend. Public Programmes are a way to have fun, remain involved and connected, and learn something along the way.

Participants are free to join these groups at any time. Groups are facilitated by Hum students, alumni and staff, plus people from the wider community.

Questions about Public Programmes?

How do I find out about Public Programmes?
Past and present programming can be found on this page. For up to date information please contact us at 604 822-0028 or email

Do I need to know something about the study group’s subject before attending?
Not at all! The purpose of the study groups is to provide a learning environment for anyone who would like to participate.

How do I prepare for a public programme?
As well as discussion, some groups incorporate reading and/or writing into the content. Any readings and materials required will be provided at the group.

Can I just show up at one of the study groups?
Of course! There is no better way to find out what a study group is like than by dropping in to say hi and getting involved in the discussion. You will be more than welcome at any of the study groups.