Hum101 goes from September to April, meeting on Thursdays from 6:30 – 9:00 pm at UBC.

This is a two-term interdisciplinary course that focuses on relevant, creative and critical thinking practices in Arts and Social Sciences disciplines, and on the connections between them. Each week we study a different discipline with a different professor/public intellectual, with ‘platform classes’ that set the course contexts, preparatory readings, in-class discussions, written assignments and field trips. This course is not an introduction to or survey of these disciplines, but follows an interdisciplinary Cultural Studies approach which enjoys and values participants’ own situated knowledge—of both the areas you live in, Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside/Downtown South and nearby, and your own life interests—as well as academic knowledge; is responsive to participants’ interests; and changes in both theme and content each year.

The first 30-minutes of class involves facilitated small group discussions based on assigned readings that are available in class and on the UBC Connect website. Written work includes: regular five-minute in-class ‘free writing’ sessions, four essay assignments which correspond to different disciplines and the links between them, and reflection writing.

While it’s preferable to take both Term 1 and Term 2 continuously, it is possible to graduate from Hum101 Term 1 only.