Paul Woodhouse, Programme Coordinator
Paul began working with Hum in 2008, soon after immigrating to Canada, from England. Paul has a BA (hons.) and MA in sociology from UBC. Paul’s academic work focuses on human-digital relations in the age of big data.

Shalon Sims, Programme Assistant
Shalon has been working for Hum since 2018 and is writing this about herself in the third person. She’s very honored to be a part of this special program and loves every minute of her time with Hum students and staff. Shalon recently completed a Bachelor of Education degree and works as an elementary school teacher.

Mannat Sidhu, Programme Assistant
Mannat joined Hum in 2021 and has loved every minute of it. She’s learnt a lot from the classes and discussions, and appreciates the enthusiasm of everyone affiliated with Hum. She is an undergraduate student at UBC, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Education, with a focus on Interpersonal Development.