Documentary Film Series

Twice monthly, on the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of the months, the Carnegie Auditorium is filled with eager viewers looking to catch the latest scintillating documentaries from some of the best filmmakers across the globe. The documentaries chosen by curator Terence Lui relate directly to the content of the Hum101/201 course outline. These films cover politics, nature, art, society, philosophy, science and more. Delicious cakes and beverages are served to help feed our appetites.

When: 2nd and 3rd Saturday of the month, starting at 6 p.m
Where: Carnegie Centre Auditorium (Main @ Hastings)
Curated by Terence Lui
Next Screening: October 14

8 Writers on Facing The Blank Page (2016) -5min.

“The blank page of the mind has to be filled before you can face the actual blank page,” says American author novelist Jonathan Franzen. He is one of the 8 writers in this short film offering us their professional insight into how they begin. So, perk up your ears!

People of the graphic Novel (2012) -9min.
A fun introduction to this genre of writing that has evolved from comic strips and comic books, that has gained prominence and impact in the publishing world over the last two decades.

J.K. Rowling : A Year in the Life (2007) -50min.
Authentic writing comes out of the way our hearts and minds react to the events in our personal lives. Regardless of the genre of writing in question. J.K. Rowling’s magnum opus in the young adult fiction genre -The Harry Potter series, has captured the imagination and inspired, by now multiple generations of readers. Making her one of the most successful writers in publishing history, ever. What has her life’s personal journey to do with her writing, and her success? How might a writers creative process and lifestyle evolve in the face of pubic reaction to their work? Join us, for a fascinating cinematic look at a year in the life of J.K. Rowling, as she finishes the final book of a work which consumed 17 years of her life altogether.

Peter Doyle : Crime Writer (2012) – 11min.
This visually engaging film shines the spotlight on Australian crime novelist Peter Doyle, who shares his insight with us on how the crime genre is defined; what his own writing process is; where he gets his inspirations and ideas from, how he performs research for his books, as well as a bit of his personal history that spurred his love of this genre of writing.

Zines: The Power of D.I.Y Printing (2015) -14min.
The proliferation of this art and literary subculture has allowed writers and creators of all sorts, to translate their voice and vision into published works, without the limitations of the traditional publishing market, and industry. It is made all the more accessible and creative to its creators because of its decidedly low-tech aesthetic. Anyone with even a pen and a photocopier can produce fantastic works. In this USC student produced documentary short, we visit a zine convention where we are exposed to a buffet of creative zine ideas and execution techniques, that will surely inspire you to create your own.