Paul Woodhouse, Programme Coordinator
Paul started working at Hum in 2008, soon after immigrating to Canada, from England. Paul has a BA (Hons.) in Business & Marketing, and is completing his BA (Hons.) in Sociology. Informed by his contrasting educational and work endeavors—in the banking sector and at Hum—Paul’s academic interests are centered around economic sociology and alternative pedagogies.

Maureen Phillips, Writing Coordinator
Maureen started as a volunteer teacher with Hum in 2004, presenting Tuesday evening classes on journaling. In 2015, she was delighted to become more involved with the programme as the Writing Coordinator for Writing 101/201. Maureen has a BA from UBC (1984) in English Literature and an MA in Life Writing from the University of East Anglia in the UK (2011). She writes creative nonfiction, with a focus on the personal essay. In addition to her work with Hum, Maureen teaches online grammar for both UBC and SFU and has worked for many years as a freelance editor for various organizations.

Wil Steele, Programme Assistant

Reuben Jentink, Programme Assistant
Reuben completed his undergraduate degree in English (Hons.), with a focus in Indigenous studies at the University of British Columbia in 2015. Future studies might take place following a disciplinary turn from English to geography, anticipating analysis of the blurred borders between critical literary theory and geography. Reuben has worked with Hum since the fall of 2014.

Margot Mabanta, Programme Assistant