In Hum courses, teachers volunteer their time to teach one or two evenings in their area of expertise. They are UBC faculty and graduate students, as well as public intellectuals from other universities, organizations and community activist groups. All of them bring us their best “gold,” many condensing years of knowledge and teaching expertise into one week’s sessions.

What our teachers have to say

“UBC is lucky to have you in its community. You offer to the University the best qualities we could wish for in our students: bright, inquiring minds and boundless enthusiasm for learning and intellectual challenge. It was a privilege to share class time with all of you.”
– Margot Young, Professor, Allard School of Law, UBC

“I’m always so impressed by the important work you’re all doing, and really appreciate being welcomed into your classroom conversations. The brilliant questions you ask of yourselves, your teachers, and the world are some of the best I’ve ever encountered, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you.”
– Daniel Heath Justice, First Nations and Indigenous Studies Chair, Professor, First Nations and Indigenous Studies, and English, UBC

“If all university classes were as real, caring, intelligent, experienced, and truth seeking as Hum 101/201, there would be a wiser world.”
– D’Arcy Davis-Case, Ph.D. Student, Forestry, UBC

Past and present teachers

Arthur Allen, Architect, ret.

Michael Ames, Director, Museum of Anthropology, UBC

Scott Anderson, Philosophy, UBC

Gage Averill, Dean of Arts, UBC

Peter Babiak, Humanities 101, UBC; English, Langara College

Darrell Bailie, Librarian, UBC

Joel Bakan, Law, UBC

Marie Annharte Baker, Independent Poet and Activist

Michael Barnholden, Humanities 101, UBC; West Coast Line, SFU

Neale Barnholden, English and Film Studies, UBC

Giselle Baxter, English, UBC

Margot Bell, Student Development, UBC

Sylvia Berryman, Philosophy. UBC

Anita Bidnosti, Vancouver Art Gallery

Dalannah Gail Bowen, Singer

Paul Budra, English, Simon Fraser University

Clint Burnham, Humanities 101 UBC; English, Simon Fraser University

Margot Leigh Butler,Humanities 101, UBC; Art, Simon Fraser University

Michael Byers, International Law and Politics, UBC

Ted Byrne, Poet and essayist, Kootenay School of Writing

Rodrigo Caballero, Music, UBC

Mandy Catron, English, UBC

Lynn Coady, Novelist, Vancouver

Katherine Coburn, English Language Institute, UBC

Marv Cohodas, Art and Latin American Studies, UBC

Alisa Coquet, Music. UBC

Glen Coulthard, First Nations and Indigenous Studies, UBC

Randy-Lee Cutler, Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design

Avery Czarnecki, English, UBC

Peter Dauvergne, Liu Institute for Global Studies, UBC

D’arcy Davis-Case, Forestry Doctoral Candidate, UBC

Mike Denos, Historical Consciousness, Education, UBC

Beau Dick, Art History and Visual Art, UBC

Joy Dixon, History, UBC

Kegan Doyle, Foundations, UBC

Allison Dunnet, Humanities 101, UBC

Sarah Dupont, Aboriginal Engagement Library, Xwi7xwa Library, UBC

John Egan, Education, UBC

Susanna Egan, English, UBC

Brian Elliot, Sociology, UBC

Melinda Elliot, History, UBC

Tomi Eng, Blogging, Ethos Consulting

Jacyntha England, Department of Educational Studies, UBC

Margery Fee, English, UBC

Wendy Fletcher-Marsh, Vancouver School of Theology

William Flynn, Sociology, UBC

Lorcan Fox, English, UBC

Chris Foy, LLB. McGrady, Baugh & Whyte; Kestrel Workplace Legal Counsel LLP, Vancouver

David Gaertner, First Nations and Indigenous Studies, UBC

Florian Gassner, Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies, UBC

Raul Gatica, Activist and Writer, Migrant Workers’ Dignity Association

Nancy Gallini, Economics, UBC

Sean George, Public Programmes, Vancouver Art Gallery

Janet Giltrow, English, UBC

Rick Gooding, English, UBC

Gaston Gordillo, Anthropology, UBC

Neil Guppy, Sociology, UBC

Jim Green, Vancouver City Councillor

Allen Haaheim, Classical Chinese Poetry, University of Victoria

Jay Hamburger, Theatre in the Raw

Ana Harland, Philosophy and Continuing Studies, UBC

Anna Harrison, Art, UBC

Kathryn Harrison, Political Science, UBC

Klisala Harrison, Music, UBC

Stephen Hahn, Continuing Studies, UBC

Samantha Hartely-Folz, History, University of Victoria

Christina Hendricks, Philosophy, UBC

Nancy Hermiston, Music, UBC

Kimberley Hintz, Library, UBC

Laura Huey, Sociology, Douglas College

Ed Hundert, Arts one, UBC

Ryanne James, First Nations House of Learning, UBC

Daniel Heath Justice, First Nations and Indigenous Studies, UBC

Am Johal, Humanities 101, UBC

Reg Johanson, English, Capilano University

Leanne Johnstone, Writer

Arn Keeling, Geography, UBC

Thomas Kemple, Sociology, UBC

Neil Kennedy, English, Kwantlen University College

Tom Kemple, Sociology, UBC

Linc Kesler, First Nations and Indigenous Studies, UBC

John Korsrud, Music, Vancouver Community College & Hard Rubber Orchestra

Jill Koehler, Blogging, Kohlr Baby

Blaine Kyllo, Columnist, Georgia Straight

Jorge Emilio Rosés Labrada, First Nations and Endangered Languages Program, UBC

Larissa Lai, English, UBC

Fiona Lam, Writer

Anne-Marie LaMonde, Education, UBC

Celeste Leander, Botany, UBC

Simon Levin, Art, Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Jim Lindenberger, Vancouver School of Theology

Wiliam Lindsay, First Nations House of Learning, UBC

Molly Lynes-Ford, Check Your Head Youth Global Education Network

Marie Lopes, Public Programmes, Vancouver Art Gallery

Sherry Macdonald, Creative Writing, UBC

Karen Mackintosh, Independent Economist

Lee Maracle, Aboriginal Studies, University of Toronto

Stephanie Maricevic, Continuing Studies, UBC

Andrew Martin, Vancouver Public Library

Evan Mauro, English, UBC

Sandra McGoldrick, English Language Institute, UBC

Don McIntyre, Law, UBC

Ann Mckinnon, Women’s Studies, UBC

John Mees, Independent Filmmaker

Charles Menzies, Anthropology, UBC

Kevin Millsip, Check Your Head Youth Global Education Network

Marie-Eve Carrier-Moisan, Anthropology, UBC

Ramona Montagnes, Writing Centre, UBC

Eleanor Morgan, Art, UBC

Laura Moss, English, UBC

Tiffany Muller Myrdahl, Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, SFU

Vin Nardizzi, English, UBC

Dory Nason, First Nations and Indigenous Studies, UBC

John Newton, Film, UBC

Janet Nichol, Vancouver School Board

Cecily Nicholson, Writer, Gallery Gachet

Van Nguyen, History, UBC

Christine D’Onofrio, Art History and Visual Art, UBC

Rachael Oriente, Library, UBC

Ayah Ouziel, English Language Institute, UBC

Lou Parsons, Humanities 101 Alumnus

Maureen Philips, Writing Centre, UBC

Manuel Pina, Art History and Visual Art, UBC

Shane Plante, Library and Information Studies, UBC

Bob Pritchard, Music, UBC

Alison Rajah, Curator, Surrey Art Gallery

Valerie Raoul, French and Gender Studies, UBC

Heidi Reitmaier, Public Programmes, Vancouver Art Gallery

Bob Rennie, Rennie & Associates

Sadira Rodrigues, Critical Race Studies, Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Alejandro Rojas, Land and Food Systems, UBC

Susan Rome, Public Programmes, Vancouver Art Gallery

Sue Rowley, MOA, UBC

Marina Roy, Art History and Visual Art, UBC

Maureen Ryan, Art History, UBC

Deved Ryniker, Sociology, UBC

Carol Sawyer, Vocalist and Artist

Alexandra Samur, Writer, Rabble

Marlene Schiwy, Writing Centre, UBC

Katryna Scott, TAG, UBC

Peter Seixas, Historical Consciousness, Education, UBC

Kristin Semmens, History, UBC

Martha Sesin, Art History, Visual Art, and Theory, UBC

Patricia Shaw, First Nations and Endangered Languages Program, UBC

Chris Shelley, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, UBC

Anthony Shelton, Director, Museum of Anthropology, UBC

Jane Hamilton Silcott, Creative Writing, Langara College

Moira Simpson, Independent Documentary Filmmaker

Sandy Staats, Native Education Centre

Michelle Stack, Education, UBC

Tara Stephens, Library, UBC

Wil Steele, Humanities 101, UBC

My name is Scot, Artist

Alyssa Stryker, BC Civil Liberties Association

Michelle Superle, Children’s Literature, UBC

Jean Swanson, Carnegie Community Action Project

Erin Swayze, St. James Community Services Society-Hospice Program

Stephen Taubeneck, German, UBC

Deborah Tibbell, MOA, UBC

Stephen Toope, past President, UBC

Angel Tse, Social Work, UBC

Mark Turin, First Nations and Endangered Languages Program, UBC

Hilary Turner, English, UBC

Michael Turner, Novelist, Vancouver

Michele Turner, Humanities 101, UBC

Tracy Urban, OISE, University of Toronto

Karina Vernon, English and Black Cultural Studies, University of Alberta

Aaron Vidaver, History and Politics of Squatting, Independent Diarist; Archivist

Michael Vonn, BC Civil Liberties Association

Caer Weber, Mood Disorders Association of BC

Lorraine Weir, English, UBC

Jonathan Wender, Philosophy, University of Washington, Seattle

Steve Wexler, Law, UBC

Rima Wilkes, Sociology, UBC

Paul Woodhouse, Humanities 101, UBC

Elvin Wyly, Geography, UBC

Jennifer Wilson, Medicine, UBC

Margot Young, Law, UBC

Mary Lynn Young, Journalism, UBC

Michael Zeitlin, English, UBC