Public Lectures

Hum has invited, and been approached by various speakers over the years to perform public lectures. Please contact us if you would like to collaborate on an event. Past public lectures have included:

2014-15 Carnegie Speaker series:

  • March 2015: Ryanne James, Hum First Nations and Indigenous Studies teacher, sparked a spirited discussion on what inspires us to be involved with “No carrots no sticks’ approaches to education.”
  • February 2015: Margot Leigh Butler, Hum Director and cultural studies teacher, proclaimed: “This is what ME WE WANT!!! How to write a manifesto.”
  • November 2014: Tom Kemple, Hum sociology teacher, transformed Marx and Engels’ ideas into computer apps to thumb through the question “What could ‘no carrots no sticks’ societies look like?”
  • October 2014: Maureen Phillips, Hum staff and Writing teacher, urged attendees to take up “Journaling – Get It Out, Get It Down.”
  • September 2014: Glen Coulthard, Hum First Nations and Indigenous Studies teacher, launched his new book Red Skin, White Masks: Rejecting the Colonial Politics of Recognition (University of Minnesota Press, 2014).
  • July 2014: Michelle Turner, Hum staff and screenwriting teacher, inflamed attendees by “Making a Scene: The art of screenwriting and playwriting.”
  • June 2014: Ted Byrne, Hum poetry teacher, proposed “Beautiful lies: Poetry and Meaning.”
  • May 2014: Arthur Allen, Hum architecture teacher, asked us to weigh in on the question “Is an architect morally obliged to work in challenging the status quo?”
  • April 2014: Margot Young, Hum law teacher, approached the hot topic of “Insite and Oversight: Safe injection sites, prescription heroin and federal regulation.”

Selected, other public lectures:

  • “Archeology of American homeless peoples’ stuff,” with Dr Larry Zimmerman, Indiana University.
  • “Architecture of Prisons,” with Arthur Allen, retired architect.
  • “Adventures on the Inca Trail of Peru,” with William Lindsay, UBC.
  • “Comparative experiences of colonialism in Mexico and Canada,” with Raul Gatica, Migrant Workers’ Dignity Association.
  • The Reformation, with Lisa Stark, UBC. Facilitated by Bruce Vincent, Humanities 101.
  • Political Activism, with Ben Swarkey, author and activist. Facilitated by Paul Taylor, Humanities 101.
  • The Community Radio Movement with Kristina Clemens, Program Coordinator at Co-op Radio 102.7. Facilitated by Henry Flam, Humanities 101.
  • “Constructing for Fear: Designing & Marketing Urban Spaces for a Culture of Insecurity,” with Diana Leung, UBC. Facilitated by Debbie Blair, Humanities 101.
  • 21st Century Gothic, with Giselle Baxter, UBC. Facilitated by Anna-Maria Mackay, Humanities 101.
  • “Forever Jung: The Hero’s Journey,” with Ginger Grant, Jungian Navigator. Facilitated by Mary Robertson, Humanities 101.
  • “Law or Just-Us? The Elite Meet the Street,” with Lisa Jean Helps, lawyer. Facilitated by Keenan Macdonald, Humanities 101.
  • Media Studies, with Michelle Stack, UBC. Facilitated by James Dennis, Humanities 101.
  • “Max Weber and the Protestant Work Ethic,” with Victoria Silk, UBC. Facilitated by Ted Wileman, Humanities 101.
  • “Kaboom: The World’s Largest Nuclear Explosion!,” with Chrystal Rae. Facilitated by Real Pageau, Humanities 101 and Science 101.
  • “From Handcuffs to Stethoscopes? Reflections on the Medicalization of Social Control,” with Dana Christenson, SFU. Facilitated by Olga Sorenson, Humanities 101.
  • “Speaking of ‘Heroines,'” with Dr. Margot Leigh Butler. Facilitated by Anna-Maria Mackay, Humanities 101.